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Funny, Not Funny

Funny, Not Funny

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Funny, Not Funny is a no punches spared, rare gem that you’ve been searching for. It takes you inside the minds of women leading startups, technology, and the executive table. LaFerriere fearlessly takes her readers on a wild ride with her raunchy humor, captivating storytelling, and brutally honest insights from women who are making waves in the startup and technology scenes.

This book will have you laughing, cringing, and nodding your head in agreement as LaFerriere reveals the heart-wrenching experiences and ridiculous advice that have shaped her career. From personal anecdotes to those of her female colleagues, this book is a refreshing departure from conventional business books.

LaFerriere's no-nonsense approach, coupled with her unconventional tactics, will leave you feeling empowered and ready to break down gender barriers at the executive table. With every chapter, you'll be hooked on the entertaining and relatable stories that make this book a page-turner.

This must-read is for every woman and male ally desiring to see a change in their organization. It's time to join LaFerriere's counter-culture movement and accelerate the pace of change against gender bias. From poorly behaved women to profound cultural reckoning, you’ll be empowered to radically change behaviors and gender representation at the executive table.

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